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Rao Sahib K.A.M.A. Kaliappa Nadar, a merchant banker and a businessman from Tuticorin, was a philanthropist who liberally donated to many welfare causes including World War relief measures &other social movements at state & national levels. He was awarded the meritorious title “Rao Sahib” by the Viceroy of India, Sir Victor Hope, in the year1941. He was a Freemason of the Masonic Lodge, a powerful organization of esteemed individuals, which originated in Europe. He was honored the highest title in India, “Order of Service to Freemasonry,” for the major role he played inside the organization and his contributions to the society. Having travelled across Europe, he aspired to build an educational system on par with British standards in towns around his native place. He was involved in the development of KAMAK school, Krishnaperi & was also a major contributor to the KAMAK YMCA school, Madurai, functioning for the deaf & dumb. Foundation for the KAMAK Schools, Tuticorin, was laid in 1985 with his vision of building an exemplary institution of the highest standards.

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